13 January 2009

Out of town shoppers die younger


Welcome to 2009. May the next 12 months bring noise, an end to your day job, and the destruction of Jeremy Kyle.

Extra guitarist Dave, who previously damaged hearing with The Furious Sleep, has been thrown into gig action twice now and appeared on the other side. New songs are being 'composed'. Recording is in the pipeline.We plan to put out an Ep/demo, call it what you will, in the near future. Expect three tracks. Expect to pay nothing for it. Current band favourites Tapes and We Spend the Money We Make will probably feature. They're significantly meatier than earlier recordings that have cropped up on Myspace.

As for the album, we hope this will surface at some point. The EP will be a self-recorded effort. If it sounds how we want it to, than an album could be done in the same way. If not, we'll have to save our pennies and buy some studio time. Or just break into Abbey Road and demand free recording. That would work.

We return to London at the end of the month. Links on 'website' front page / Myspace. Our internet presence has been expanded with the unnecessary addition of a Facebook page.

See you in a sweaty pub backroom soon.


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