5 September 2012


HEY! We're doing all our social interweb networking duties over on The Facebook now. So come on over and chat like it's 2010...


21 March 2012


We still live.

We've also written a new song. It's called Faces and lasts about a minute and a half.

All the best songs last about a minute and a half.

22 February 2012

Noise news

Alright kids? The gig at the The Portland proved a triumphant return to live action with proper noise and thrashing about and sweat. Good sweat though - the sort you get from proper honest graft. The sort that is wiped from the brows of heroes by fair maidens prior to serious shagging.

Turbogeist were bloody great - a first class demonstration of how to rock the fuck out of a room and enjoy every deafeningly loud second of it. We urge you to go forth and investigate / invest in their sounds.

Pix and etc to follow.


15 February 2012

Hey! How you doing?

Bomb Factory's first gig with our new bassist is on Tuesday. It's at the Portland Arms in Cambridge.

We get to share the stage with Cambridge Electro types Kelvox 1 and Turbogeist, who describe themselves thus:

"Turbogeist combine party punk sounds with more macabre fantastic aural imagery while thrashing some heavy alternative rock. Bottom line listen to it loud. Oh, but bring earplugs. They're a real scream."

Anyway, it's a fiver - tickets in advance at the end of THIS LINK if you're organised.

23 December 2011

Hello friends. Couple of bits of news for you.

First, the news that we have a new bassist. He's called Tom. He says hello.

Secondly, we have had some airplay over in Toulouse, in the actual country of France. This comes courtesy of a show called 'Rien à Branler'. I leave you to find your own translation, but not when your mum's looking OK?

There is a link to their blog HERE. Go and have a look.

They do good work so why not have a listen to their podcast? Or, if you're in the actual country of France you might even be able to use an actual radio.

Anyway, happy Christmas. Hope they show that film you like and Santa brings you the bike, yeah?

16 October 2011


We're sad to say, due to other commitments, Dylan is leaving the band. So we have a vacant bass hole which needs filling. If you'd be interested in joining us, send us an email and we'll be in touch.


28 September 2011

Live noise


Maybe you're thinking of coming to see us at the Wish You Were Here fest. Maybe not. Whatever.
Either way you can now hear a little bit of live Bomb Factory action from the Ultrasound single launch in that London the other week. It's on the right of the page yeah? Interference. Just click the big fat orange play button.

OK, that's it. As you were.

Wish You Were Here

Yea, so we're playing this festival in Cambridge on Saturday called Wish You Were Here. Lots of bands, lots of venues, wristbands, the whole shebang.

Want to know more? Look HERE.

We get to wheel out the old Noise and Truth at The Cornerhouse on Newmarket Road from 9.15pm. It's going to be all whirlwind, heat and flash innit.

Ears open.