12 October 2008



So, 2008 has been a bit stop/start for the factory but momentum is finally with us. Work has been completed on the demo version of our first album. Listening to it is like being hit by a Ford Capri on a Barking housing estate. This is exactly what we wanted. The next stage will be to get it all properly recorded (ie: not on a second hand four track while 'covers bands' attempt to play U2 songs nextdoor) and inject it into The General Public.

We have been joined by a fifth noise-maker.

We'll be playing again in November and hopefully a lot more in the months to come. Our availablilty is helped by the 'drummer' not swanning off to New Zealand, like a shit.

New interview here: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/cn_lifestyle_music/displayarticle.asp?id=352092

Chapman Family gig at the Portland was imense, sweaty fun. Nice and loud. Good posters. Angry, pointy bassists. Good turnout.

More people from France have joined our 'Facebook' fans page. We're such sell outs. But hello to the new punters it has lured in. Contact us for free CDs if you want. We should cover Paris s'enflamme.

Message ends.

Be the girl everyone loves. Do it.

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