15 November 2007

Nose dives/recordings/Welsh bikers.


Bomb Factory took a disturbing nose dive in productivity in recent months. Gigs were infrequent, as were practices, but the beast is being put back on track. New songs have arrived and further recording sessions are on the horizon. No doubt, the results will be dished out free. As per usual. This offering is likely to include We Are The Locusts - a newish one which went down well with punters during the summer, Happy New Year, our cheerful song about a Birmingham shooting and a very new song which sounds very different from anything we've done before. It currently has many working titles, including the extremely pretentious Essex, 1973.

The gig situation remains shite but leads are being followed up and hopefully there shall be a few more blasts of Factory noise before 2007 dies like a diseased dog. Again, if anyone has anything to offer us gig wise,get in touch. Meanwhile, we'll continue to hound toilet venue promoters across the land. We're very keen to go off the beaten track and play some more random places. When we've done this before, it's always thrown up surreal situations, such as the time we ended up over the road from Banham Zoo playing to a gang of confused Welsh bikers. THEY LOVED IT.

Message ends.


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