13 September 2007

Watch us on YouTube


You can now watch Bomb Factory in action via You Tube.

What’s up there, guv’nor? Well….

Little Miss Hitler + Stevie Smith: Teenage Terrorist.

God Loves Us And He Hates You.

Both recorded on 10/9/07 – the first gig at The Graduate/Barfly in Cambridge. We were the first band too. What a benchmark we set.

We Are The Locusts + Little Miss Hitler.
(First outing for Locusts. The ending is a bit slicker now. Almost)

God Loves Us And He Hates You.
(Probably the better version of the two)

Both recorded on 19/07/07 at the trusty Portland in Cambridge.

Thanks to Jake for filming.

To see us in 3D, check out the upcoming gigs on our tedious myspace page.




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