24 February 2007

Hungarian Military Orchestra WANTED!

Well, well, well. What to say... We've got a gig this coming Tuesday night [Feb 27th] at the ARU Students Union Kudos Bar. The first time we played the Eclectic night, we were on first and needless to say no one was particularly impressed. I remember playing poorly and I got bollocked by the manager of the bar for handing out some leaflets promoting ourselves. I don't mind getting a telling off though, I'm a big boy.

Second time round, we were on last. We were supported by various acts wildly different from ourselves [hence the name of the night, Eclectic, duh] so really could only judge what was gonna happen from our previous experience. Anyway, I'm rambling. This time round we kicked arse and got the best applause and crowd reaction we'd ever received. Which was nice.

So, third time round, what's gonna happen? Fuck knows. Is there any chance we can replicate the last one...

We're still on the Cambridge Band Competition promotional train. If any one wants to help us out let us know. We are genuinely not expecting to go through to the final, I ain't jus' sayin' that. The current vibe is that Linda's Nephew will win overall and Kyla Bowen La Grange will win our heat. That's my vibe anyhoo. It's a shame though because obviously, I'd like to see us win, as sad and pathetic as that sounds, because I think we deserve it and that we'd actually make really good use of the prizes.

On the horizon we've got a new demo to record, which we keep going on about, but I'm feeling very positive about it. At the moment we're having problems booking a day in the studio which all four of us can make and is available for us to hire.

I've been busy[ish] working on some samples for it and extra guitar parts and I'm liking the feel. Although I have been listening to Arcade Fire's new album on repeat of late, so ideas of putting Hungarians, church organs and Hurdy-Gurdys on our songs will have to be erased from my mind when the time comes to record. I'll just play Pixies through my ipod as I sleep.

Also we've got a gig at The Windmill in Brixton on May 6th. Should be great as there's a barbecue. That is the sole selling point at the moment.

I've just bought a book called "I Love Chocolate!" I'm gonna go read it now.



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