31 January 2007

Retro Bomb Factory returns

Back in olden times Bomb Factory was just bass, drums and Jack shouting. Then we added a guitar for added noise. This has worked well. For our next gig though, we're a man down so a return to original service will take place.
Our team line-up for the Portland Arms gig with To My Boy (Mon Feb 19, fans) wil therefore be: Jack (shouting, sweating, microphone breaking), David (drum kit. sticks, even more sweating) and Mills (bass Italianess, distortion pedal).
All the hits but in a stripped-back stylee. It sounds even more pretentious than usual but is just as loud. Good.

Ronn won't be playing because he has challenged 14 people to a fist fight behind the bike sheds. We're not sure what the beef is but we'll let you know how he gets on.

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