22 December 2006

Turkey and tat

So this is Christmas. What a sorry fucking state of affairs. Twelve more months of running on the treadmill to scrimp together enough for a week-long binge of glitter and tat. Stuffing ourselves with crap food and booze to blot out the horror for the few days they let us take off.

Emptying your pockets into the tills in exchange for the things that have to stand in for real human emotions. The spectacle in overdrive. Why don't we all do something about it?

Santa is a cunt he sold out all the kids!

Working for the man at Bandai and Mattel/Sold us all to Satan - Toys R Us as well

Why not burn it down? Take the presents and really give them for a change. Pull the fake beard off the ghastly spectre of Santa Claus and punch him in the face. Warm our hands on the flames as they consume Oxford Street.

Excuse me, I feel a song coming on...

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