13 December 2006

The next release and other exciting prime cuts of news.

Christmas is near...have you bought an assortment of crap for your nearest and dearest yet? A bright pink Christmas tree has appeared in my shared slum...it's comparable to a dirty protest. Anyway, yes, there are some exciting developments in the world of Bomb Factory...

We've been asked to contribute a couple of new tracks to a compilation which is set for a release in the spring. All being well, it will be available in proper record shops n' stuff across the land.

Our feverish attempts to write new material has actually been productive and not degenerated into hours of shouted argument and throwing of drums and actual shit.

We have at least five songs to choose from when we record in Feb. We'll roughly demo these beforehand and pick our two favourites. It will be an uncomfortable listen. If it isn't, we've fucked up somewhere.

There has been talk down the pub of getting a video done too. This will be a little surreal.

Gig offers have been coming in. Details of fresh live showings will be dispatched soon, my little ones.

Peterborough Phantoms lost in overtime to Guildford Flames in a crunch ice hockey encounter the other day. Oh, that's right...I'm the only person who actually gives a shit about this. Sorry!

Enjoy your fucking mince pies.


Kirsty and Sofie.


  1. JackyJackJackJack12:18 pm

    Do some fucking work, ice hockey boy.

  2. Ben Bradnack's Ray Gun1:21 pm

    I'm in Saffron fucking walden. There is no work to be done! The walls are still covered in peeling paper. There are two 'memos' on the noticeboard. They date from 2000 and 1999.

  3. Anonymous1:35 pm

    suck my juicy black cock