19 October 2006

New songs and a visit to the north...

ABOVE: Today’s unnecessary ice hockey picture.

For months, work on new songs has been painfully slow but at last thick jets of black, fizzy creative juice is being regularly sprayed up the walls of the practice room. Now THAT is exciting imagery right there.

No fewer then three sets of lyrics are being worked on. There's even one ready to go..served with a selection of mixed nuts and soaking wet tissue...which will be played on a trip to London village on Wednesday. Speaking of which, the gig (which is at The Rhythm Factory) boasts a bill of SIX bands. Interesting, yes?

There's talk of a possible gig in Glasgow. We're hoping it comes off because it will give us an excuse to rent a van and pretend we're a proper band going out on tour. The plan is to try and get a couple of other gigs around it...one on the way up and one on the way down again FOR EXAMPLE. Once upon a time there was a faint glimmer of playing Berlin..hmm...I still want to make that happen. Any Germans out there who can help?

Some sad news has been brough to our attention. Joey Eyebank Ramone - a 14-year-old reviewer for REPEAT- was knocked down by a car on his way home from school. Thankfully, he is still with us...get well soon!

That is all.


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