8 September 2006


Fame at last gang, we've been reviewed in The Hunts Post .....


HAVING seen Bomb Factory play in many pubs and tiny venues, it was fantastic to see the four-piece step onto the big Junction stage - in front of a much-deserved big Junction audience. Ripping through scathing and comical punk gems such as Call Centre, Shoot To Kill and Burn Cambridge Burn - the band quickly endeared themselves to the crowd.
Lead singer, Ranting Jack, praised the audience after a lengthy applause towards the end of the set: "Thank you, you're all very kind - especially after I threatened to burn down your city." They were clearly enjoying themselves and after the show, drummer David had kind words for the headliners.He said: "Half Man Half Biscuit were, as expected, a good bunch of lads - they let us use some of their kit and we had a few chats with them. See, here's a band with 13 Peel sessions in the can and not a trace of any ego."It's great to know that they are as down-to-earth backstage as they are onstage. Half Man Half Biscuit have spent much of their career hiding from the limelight and turning their backs on rock conventions - behaviour that often goes hand in hand with arrogance. That's all turned upside down with HMHB - if they have been reluctant to follow the well-worn path to rock stardom, it seems it might be because they seek to escape the scene's arrogance and exaggerated sense of self-importance.Lead singer Nigel Blackwell chats and jokes to the crowd without any hint of confrontation. Part stand-up comic, part music fan and only slightly part rock star - he's instantly likeable. Their songs, filled to the final strums with British cultural references are almost beyond criticism. Their jokey titles seem to proclaim a proud lack of ambition in the music world, but as you're smiling at its apparent daftness, you can't help but notice the skill with which it's all carried out.CHRIS BOLAND"

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