31 August 2006


This is us, at last, playing on a stage bigger than a postage stamp. Unleashing noise at The Junction was surreal but utterly brilliant. From my point of view, pummelling the shit out of a drum kit which is covered in mics and then run through house-sized speakers can only be described as pant-wettingly excellent. Great gig. Despite the weirdness of the surroundings we blitzed through the set again without dazzling balls ups and had a great time doing it. The fact that 500 early arrivals were out front was insane...but this is probably why we've all been going around today with unsettling grins and occasionally laughing out loud. Like this: HA!

Half Man Half Biscuit were, as expected, a good bunch of lads - they let us use some of their kit and we had a few chats with them. See, here's a band with 13 Peel sessions in the can and not a trace of any ego. Then you get some bunch of wankers who think they're the dog's bollocks because they've played The Biro and Bastard in Shoreditch a couple of times...WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN, EH?!!

Anyway, back to the gig...other surreal moments included:
a) Having our own dressing room, complete with sofas and a fridge.The door even had Bomb Factory on in
b) Being given free beers,and AAA passes
c) Being paid real English money for playing a gig
d) Shifting all 50 CDs that we took with us before we'd even got back to the merch stall after we got off stage.

It's a night which will take some fucking beating.


One more thing - Extra pix at www.chrisboland.com We took a few amateurish snaps back stage which we'll stick up on the Flicker thing at some point.


  1. Simon2:54 pm

    I thought you played a blinder of a gig. Not seen you before but I loved it - what a fuckin' great racket!

  2. Ranting Jack3:48 pm

    Thanks very much, squire! More gigs coming very soon so if yer nearby drop in and see us.