17 August 2006

Re:last night

A bleak spell in the Bomb Factory camp has meant that we have only finished one new song since last October. That beast, called Static Chatter, is one that we like to play and has slid into the set real friendly, like. There was another half-finished song that was ‘performed’. It went by the name of Dead Fashion and was wheeled out for a gig down in London village in January. It featured backing vocals but we realised it was the musical equivalent of dropping boxes of plates down a metal fire escape. Shame this realisation kicked in as we were playing it in front of a room of paying customers.

Anyway, last night we resumed practise in a drafty shack in the flatlands of Cambridgeshire. Progress was again slow but after downing tools and generally getting our shit together, we finally managed to hammer out a decent tune. Well, we think it’s decent anyway...so there. The new fella goes by the name of Disco Ringtone. It’s an awkward listen with the loudest chorus we’ve done yet -synchronised screaming and pummelling of ‘instruments’ equals glory. We’ll play it soon. You’ll probably hate it but we can live with that. Afterwards, we went to a nearby village pub and talked about David Bowie albums, Aphex Twin and the merits of attempting to pull work colleagues by sending them obscene memos. This was soundtracked by the pub’s abysmal CD collection which included far too much Gabrielle.

Our August gig double header gets ever nearer. So does Christmas. I’m going to ask for a pony so I can deep fry it and open the first pony and chips restaurant. I’ll call it My Little Pony n’ Chips. Goodnight.

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