13 August 2006

Awesome beats, yeah?

In recent weeks, some of us in the land of Bomb Factory have begun giving too much of a shit about what other people think about the band. Thankfully, this dangerous situation has been turned around before we started to get riddled with angst like some kind of diseased teenager who watches far too many episodes of The OC.
So, practise and gigs are being approached without the tiresome workmanlike attitude and being in the band is actual fun again. Thank fuck for that.

Not long to go now before our big gig at the junction with half man half biscuit. Playing on a stage roughly 1,000 times bigger than what we are used to is going to be excellent. As a "warm up" for the festivities, we are going to be playing what promises to be a drunken night at The Haymakers with The Furious Sleep. Our 50th gig also looms...

Idlewild have been reintroduced to my stereo. You should do the same.

Everyone Says You re So Fragile
Idea Track
These Wooden Ideas
You Just Have To Be Who You Are
Quiet Crown

= The Sex.

Listen to them, alright?

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