24 August 2006

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Oh, to have somewhere like this to practise...(See photographic image here: http://www.thecoopertempleclause.co.uk/gallery/?offset=48 at the bottom right with your eyes). This is where Cooper Temple Clause hammer their songs into shape. I've been getting back into this band a lot recently. They're playing Cambridge later in the year. This news pleases me.

We had a rehearsal of our own last night which again resulted in a series of lengthy arguments and a guitarist "giving it the lemon." Weirdly, this spurred us on and the set sounds brilliantly brutal at the moment. We still can't write a fucking new song but Jack is busy nailing some lyrics together. Everytime we've got the basics of a new song together over the past year, we've done a rough minidisc recording of it. Last night, we reviewed this minidisc. It contains some of the shittest 'music' ever created.....but there were several versions of the unintentionally hilarious "Dead Fashion", which featured a Beastie Boys style call and response segment and lyrics about "dead bunnies in a cage." Oh dear.

For now, we'll just have to stick to playing our greatest hits...

We play Cambridge twice this week. See the gig listings for, like, details n' shit.


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