26 May 2006

Would anyone like a jaffa cake

I'm writing this in Jaffa Net Cafe in , Cambridge. Since I'm barred from using the internet by my own landlord and I'm not at work to abuse their system, here I am. Middle Eastern music is blasting my very soul. Plus, I had to pay two quid and I only needed to check one email....which hasn't bloody arrived.

Anyway, last night me and Mills ventured to the Man on the Moon to check out a promising Cambridge gig. The line-up of The Furious Sleep, Il Pinata (sic?) and There Was An Accident Here promised bag fulls of arty, shouty noise. It delivered just that...but minus any pretension. The gig was great, but there was nobody there. What is it with Cambridge...they love a bit of folk but anything else can get fucked for all they care. Well, their loss. It was a rocking night. What did you do with it...watch Eastenders?

Looks like my time at Jaffa Net is running out....Mills, put some kind of pic on here will you? Something Turkish perhaps? I assume this place is Turkish anyway....

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