25 May 2006


Last September my beloved Fiat Cinquecento broke down and was consequently sent to the scrapyard because the repairs would have cost more than the car was worth.
So imagine my surprise when I recieved a letter from Essex police saying the little devil ran a red light on the 11th of May. Hmm... to be continued...


  1. Alan Fleck5:36 pm

    You should have got it crushed into a cube and dumped in the middle of Stevenage. The chavs could use it as a piss post in between fighting and looking moronic.

  2. Jack of the Rant10:24 pm

    If we ever play Stevenage I'm leaving you behind, mate. Either that or I'll tie you to a post outside the venue as a human sacrifice to save the rest of us.

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

    You're going to prison where you'll get ass raped everyday...Enjoy

  4. "anonymous" has given himself away as an American with his spelling of ass. Its arse, mate. He's right though, Mills. Better pack some extra vaseline.