19 April 2006


This is an action shot of me in [off-peak! How punk am I?] running from the sea, seconds after I got soaked to the ankles in salty foam. The 'mouth is pretty bland, saw "The Clash" spray-painted onto a newsagent wall though. stick of Rock on!


  1. The David8:23 am

    What's with the man bag?!

  2. Alan Fleck9:00 am

    Yarmouth is basically Stevenage by the sea.

    Was there an array of slightly ropey arcades and dodgy looking cafes which seemingly hadn't seen a lick of paint since 1961? Does Jim Davidson still own the pier?
    What's inside your bag? Is it another bag inside a bag? I like bags.Especially wicker carriers. I like carrying my oats in a wicker carrier. All the way to market.I like markets. Especially French markets where you can buy toy Citroen spaceships that fly all the way to France.

  3. Inside the bag is a smaller plastic bag containing hundreds of two pence pieces, which we went on to pump into various dodgy machinery with names like "HotDog". In exchange we recieved two dice, three boiled sweets and an ornamental hedgehog.

  4. The David10:37 am

    A good return for your money i'd say.Did you have a go on the plastic horseracing game? It's like the Grand National. On acid.

  5. Bombadier Jack12:35 pm

    That's cruel that is. The tiny horses can sometimes fall jumping the tiny fences and have to be put down by tiny vet-bastards. I hope you didn't play this or I'll have the animal rights facists lock you in the arcade with Jimbo "I hate foriegners, me" Davidson and set it on fire.

  6. alan fleck9:34 am

    I like bags