20 April 2006

Cradle of Bomb Factory

I've just been looking at the Harp Rock Bar website.We're playing there soon so I thought I should find out where it is. It seems the place is sponsored by "extreme music" magazine Terrorizer and the night we're playing is called "Devastation" - "stomping heavy metal devastation brought to you by DJ Richie Slackwhore" (!!!!)

As we don't have twiddly riffs, songs which last for at least nine minutes or any lyrics dealing with ravens or dragons all things are set for us to go down like a sack of shit. Oh well, it will be fun.

My only "extreme music" story.

Once upon a time in a cinema lobby, I met the lead singer of Cradle of Filth. He wore a tight red jumper with fabric spikes attached to it which looked very poor. He was about 3ft tall so I had to stoop down to ask him for an autograph (i needed proof that I had met him!) but he told me to fuck off. I asked again and he scrawled across a scrap of paper. I don't know why I bothered. The End.


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