12 February 2006

The Wireless.

Hello bum cheeks,

Listen, we're going on the radio this week. If you live in Cambridge (a 'city' in the flatlands of East Angular, ye olde Englande) than you'll be able to tune into 209 Radio at 103.5 FM. If you don't live here, you won't be able to hear a thing but well done for having the good sense to not live in such a place of dullness.

The schedule says the 209 Sessions will be broadcast every night at 11pm from Feb 12 - 18. That doesn't really narrow things down but hey, you may get lucky. Other bands from these shitty parts will be showing off their stuff too. Saint Zoe, who recorded in the mighty scout hut after us, are among them. They very kindly lent us their drum kit and owned a guitar amp which was bigger than London.

I've just seen the film Munich in a cinema. Police were arresting chavs as me
and some friends walked through the entrance hall. We got the crap seats, we
were so close to the screen it was like we were actually in the film. Might have
broken a couple of bones in my neck and pretty sure my retinas have dissolved.
Despite being three hours, it was an interesting 'flick.'

Played ice hockey for the first time in a year on Friday. I remembered how to catch pucks soon enough. This pleased me.

Right, a pint of bedtime vodka me thinks.....


aged 4.

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