8 February 2006

Scouting! Dib dib dib and the occassional dob. Doing your best. Well.... wait for it.... we "did our best" last night as we invaded a scout hut in Cambridge to thrash through SEVEN tracks for the 209 Radio session. Yes.

There were microphones everywhere and we recorded these top songs:

All there is; call centre; pop sluts; stevie smith: teenage terrorist; burn, cambridge, burn, God Loves Us and He HATES you and shoot to kill.

When the results appear "on the air" you will be the first to know and we'll get someting out on the internet for you to listen to with your lovely, pixie ears.

In the meantime pictures exist on our gallery. Go look. With your eyes.

GATECRASH: Hello, David here. Can I just say, another part of the weird Frank Butcher dream came true at the session. Scroll down if you're wondering what I'm banging on about. Anyway, we just played a song and were all happy with it when the guy behind the electronic desk device told us he had forgot to hit the record button! When will the mysterious Frank Butcher return to haunt my sleep? What further pearls of wisdom will he bring? WHY AM I DREAMING ABOUT FRANK BUTCHER????!!!!

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