26 February 2006

Miss Great Britain.

Irrelevant news bulletin.

Miss Great Britain 2006 is Miss Warrington.

Miss Cambridge was unplaced but got votes from 'wacky' peer Lord Brocket.

The toff network didn't quite work out that time did it....hahahahaha VICTORY FOR THE NORTH.


What kind of "victory" is this? A victory for misogyny. There's Brockett, all puffed up on his dubious notoriety, the miserable, aristo scumbag, judging - judging! - women as they parade up and down in their scants. Nice work if you can get it? Fuck that. This piece of shit "contest" is for people who read the Sport and go around saying: "I love women, me" but actually fear and hate them and need to reduce them to tits and arse, to make them harmless. Then they don't have to deal with real women, just wank off over picures of them. Sex by remote. Sad fucking deal, man. Right, rant over, you can ignore me now and go buy the latest issue of Zoo and kid yourself it isn't a jazz mag.


Edit Deux.

It's a victory for Miss Warrington! Noel Edmonds was also a judge. I kid ye not. Deal or no deal? She would have got my vote. Am I sacked now?

Man with drumsticks.

Edit the third....

No. You'll go blind if you're not careful though.

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