22 February 2006

Factory at the factory.

The surreal Bomb Factory experience rolled on yesterday with a gig in East Laaaandon at a place called The Rythmn Factory. Big old stage, dazzling blue paint job and a non-pretentious drinking 'bar' out front. Here I ate a pre-gig meal of roast duck like the Cambridge tosser that I have become.

The bloated 5ive band bill saw us going on third. Headlining was a band from Oslo called Lukestar ( ONE OF THEIR SCANDO PIX IS ABOVE, YOU SHIT) who were over here on a UK tour. They had a selection of expensive merchandise and played "alternative powerpop." There were also two men dressed in orange boiler suits who were called Dudewheresmycar and screamed at everyone to fuck off at least 90 times. It was an eclectic evening played out to a less than sell out crowd.

I was being a miserable git throughout (time of the month or something) but I need not have been, because we went down well. We shifted all our demos/badges and got invited back. *Fists air in victory*

Our set: All There Is, Call Centre, Stevie Smith: Teenage Terrorist, Pop Sluts, Death
at the Hairdressers, Blow it up...., Shoot to Kill, God Loves Us And He Hates

A good night then. It beat watching curling.

Shaznay Lewis

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