25 January 2006

Scenester Corner

*Bomb Factory make noise at On The Rocks, 25 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London. Saturday, January 28. £5. We're on at 9pm.*

Hi, David here. So, we've got another London gig on Saturday, this time in a Shoreditch bar. I know nothing about London so I have little idea what to expect. Will it be a Nathan Barley style affair or an absolute dive full of psychos armed with lead piping?

Anyway, yeah, the gig is at On the Rocks and we're first on, supporting two promising looking bands by the name of The Rank Deluxe and NeatPeople. All the links and stuff are on our homepage.

I've turned into a bit of an indie shit this week in Cambridge by watching Babyshambles at The Junction and a 'secret' gig by Razorlight at Soul Tree - Ooh get me. Babyshambles was utter bollocks. The smackhead turned up late, couldn't remember the lyrics and the band were drowning in feedback throughout. People threw many bottles.
Never been too bothered by Razorlight, but it was free so I thought I may as well go along. They were unexpectedly awesome - new songs sound more interesting than the old garage rock marlarkey they used to churn out and there was a big old mosh pit going. The crowd were well up for it (rare for the morgue like city of Cambridge) and would start leaping around at the first whiff of anything fast - despite nobody knowing what they were playing. Great atmosphere and made up for Monday night's 'entertainment'.

It would be great to play in front of a massive crowd full of people going mental. Oh well, one day perhaps. One thing we are working on is an EP. The plan at the moment is to get five really good songs together and get it out there. This will obviously then get snapped up by a label and we'll be showered with cash, girls and unecessary suitcases full of heroin. A master plan! Just need to get five killer songs together now....how hard can it be???!!!

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