29 January 2006

Night out north of the river.

Off to London town we went yesterday for a gig down in Shoreditch at On the Rocks - a brilliantly shabby bar underneath a railway bridge. Sounded great up on stage and out front, had a good laugh with the soundlady (nice not to have a complete Nazi sorting out the levels like you get with some places) and got stuck into the free beers. It was during this soundcheck we realised The Rank Deluxe were a fucking awesome band. Glad we were on before them!

Our set:
All There Is To Do, Call Centre, Stevie Smith, Pop Sluts, Death at the
Hairdressers, Dead Fashion (first time showing for this new one), Blow it
up...., Shoot to Kill, God Loves Us And He Hates You.
We were happy with it, there were no fuck ups and the new song works...it's the first song I've done backing vocals on. There's something great about being allowed to shout into a microphone while hitting a drumkit.
The Rank Deluxe headlined and were even better than they were in soundcheck. Go and listen to their tunes at
Brilliant night, cheers to Bamos for making it happen.

I had a really weird dream the night before that Frank Butcher was our bassist and I was watching a documentary about us recording with him. He was being interviewed about playing Dead Fashion but he was really pissed off because the engineer had forgot to press the record button. He said he needed four more days to get the 'vibe' back and when he did, he wanted to bring in 'circus music' with the help of a tiny keyboard - ???????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!

****EDIT: Ok, i've just been told that an actual member of the Eastenders cast ('Mickey' - I think that's the high pitched cockney one) was there last night. THE DREAM WAS A SIGN.****


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