4 February 2010

Team changes and international duty.

Team Bomb Factory will soon have a new drummer. The current one, who is writing this 'blog', plays one last UK show at The Haymakers, Cambridge with Pulled Apart By Horses on Saturday 13th February.

BF's first gig outside the UK is due in April. More details on that soon. This will definitely be my last gig - thrashing through the likes of Tapes and God Loves Us And He Hates You on foreign soil seems like a decent finale.

Overall, it's been 80+ gigs of total glory. Some of my favourite moments: supporting Towers of London then watching Donny Tourette getting nicked, recording with Tipler, playing to 500 + at The Junction, getting played by Steve Lamacq, getting our noise on white vinyl, getting banned by The Golden Lion, playing the dodgiest boozer in Peterborough, scaring Welsh bikers in Banham...the list goes on. Not bad considering we couldn't play a note when we started in Jack's garage. None of us could put together a drum kit either.

The new drummer will hopefully be in action soon and Bomb Factory shall continue to tear everyone a new one. This can only be a good thing.



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