1 November 2009

Norwich Arts Centre 31/10/09

This was our 80th gig and definitely the best yet. Norwich Arts Centre is an amazing venue - it's a church converted into a gig space and bar. We had the most thorough soundcheck we've had for a while - it was at this point that we realised how massive everything was sounding in the room. It was going to be a good one. A pre-gig Greek/Turkish culinary mash-up, including the finest mixed grill ever created, was consumed. A three course meal before a gig was certainly a step-up from the usual sweaty kebab shop fare. The gig itself was immense.The room was busy and punters liked what they saw - all our CDs were snapped up afterwards. We need to get back there soon.

The set:

Little Miss Hitler
The Ballad of Donald Joyce
Idiot Box
We Spend The Money We Make
God Loves Us And He Hates You

Halloween costumes:

Collette - cat including controversial cat ears
Dave - bleeding eyes, face, handgun
Jack - forgot
Mills - £4.99 mask which he didn't wear
David - pre-gig facepaint balls-up meant no facepaint for gig

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