23 November 2009

Latest review of our new EP

From R*E*P*E*A*T

"Don't you sometimes wish that all bands could be like Bomb Factory?

I know that sometimes I do.

While the in crowd are obsessed with their hair cuts and their effects pedals and their ganga and their girl/boyfriends, Bomb Factory continue to rail against the world and its injustices.

One of which is that this band is still unsigned.

This release indicates how far they have evolved from their original lo-fi ranting punk-poetry origins, when they used to release underproduced white vinyl masterpieces on dodgy local labels. It shows that they have hatched into a seriously spiky 5 piece rock band, producing what could be seen as a tilt at some proper success, as high profile producer Paul Tipler twiddles the knobs and realises their potential as a contemporary, uncomfortable, leftfield response to noiseniks like Steve Albini and Big Black.

'Tapes', the first track on the CD, is fantastic feedback pocked, jarring, a-tonal attack on our surveillance society, its discordant guitar shards accurately recreating the victim's descent into paranoid madness. Second track, 'We Spend the Money We Make', still bubbles with righteous indignation, but also has a more melodic, polished, almost punk-pop sound, as it veers between the rage and resignation of the person next to you on the bus, in the waiting room, in the funeral procession, at the checkout... The CD finishes with the hit single that should have been, 'God Loves Us and He Hates You', a lyrical gem whose sonic and verbal barbs are sharpened by Tipler's production and aimed ruthlessly at hypocritical religious fanatics of all creeds, who wallow in fear, intolerance and violence.

In a sane, happy world, Bomb Factory would be headlining Cambridge Corn Exchange while Simon Cowell and Peter Mandelson cleaned the toilets.

As it is, maybe I'll be lucky and get to see them play the Portland Arms.

You should too."

- Rosey, November 2009.

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