16 October 2009

Tommy Flynn's, Camden, 15/10/09

Our 20 minutes went like this...
- Tapes
- Idiot Box
- 50 per cent of Little Miss Hitler cos the mic and drums broke. Sweet.
- We Spend the Money We Make
- Locusts
- God Loves Us....

Rambled thoughts...
Too much beer for one of our number pre-gig, stuff broke down, hotter than the sun, sounded good when stuff worked, other bands were good, beer explosion on the train home, excellent kebab shop, one of our number went a step further by consuming 18 meals-worth of blubber at King's Cross, appreciation from punters, the CD from Hindley sounds interesting, got back to boring Cambridge at 2am. Good times.

Tonight, the not-so-boring bit of Cambridge. Portland Arms. Thomas Truax. Hitting instruments with hands. Etc.

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