29 October 2009

New review

Praise for the new EP courtesy of Organ Magazine.

They love it. And we love them. So that's nice.

Click HERE to check out the mag or, you know, just read the review below....

28th OCT '09: SINGLE REVIEW: BOMB FACTORY – Bomb Factory (self release) - Now this has us from the off, debut single proper from the Southern English band, grabs hold of everything straight away with that frantic paranoia and all the you know they’re watching us... Watching with all that wired urgency and the furious edge of it all, the menacing menacing edge... They got all the confrontation of early Killing Joke, alive with the bite of the much missed Creaming Jesus, with all the mistakes of a housing estate... There’s been loads of bands called Bomb Factory, these people are one of the best with all that wound-tight anger and that god bothering venom, that seething anger and those barbed riffs.... And you know they’re watching us, you know they’re watching us... God loves us and he hates you, they got it all on tape. Hey, didn’t we yell about a rather good demo from this lot last year? Yes we damn well did, all coming back now, and soon it will explode... Those people could well be locked up in some garage on a housing estate near you, making this explosive music or wrapping nails in ... Fifteen lashes with the bible belt, on your knees as we pray, take a big puff of that holy smoke... John Cooper Clark, Crass, Art Brut, scathing passion, anger, bite and kicking at everything you’ve got, love every menacing bit of it! - www.myspace.com/burncambridgeburn

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