19 September 2009

New EP: Where, When and How.

Band: Bomb Factory
Title: ‘Bomb Factory’
Released: Monday, 2nd November 2009
Available to download from iTunes,
AmazonMP3, 7Digital or pressed onto old fashioned cd from www.bomb-factory.co.uk

Bomb Factory started life in a freezing garage on a housing estate. The daily grind was
getting to us. Slipping into a coma in front of the telly or boozing with shiny-shirted, angry
locals wasn’t helping. So we formed a band. Jack on vocals, Mills and Dave on guitars,
Collette on bass and David on drums.

Close to 100 gigs, with the likes of The Chapman Family, Lovvers, Half Man Half Biscuit
and Pulled Apart By Horses, have followed – mostly in glamorous dives in London and on
our home turf in Cambridge. We want more people to hear our post-punk clatter.
A week in a South London studio with producer Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Eighties Matchbox Bline
Disaster) spawned this three-track EP.

‘Tapes’ is a descent into one man’s paranoia at surveillance society Britain as he sits at a
kitchen table covered in nails and wires.

‘We Spend the Money We Make’ careers between the rage and resignation of the person
sitting next to you on the bus, in the waiting room, in the funeral procession at the

‘God Loves Us and He Hates You’ is a post-punk assault on the fanatics of whatever
religion who wallow in fear, intolerance and violence.

Play at maximum volume.

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