10 September 2009

Further public displays of noise

Listen, we've got some more gigs. Call it a flurry, if you want. It's all there, to the right of this message. More details posted when we have them. Real friendly, like. CDs have been printed, pressed, packaged and are toasty warm n' all. You like that, don't you. Release on the horizon. itunes, spotify, that kind of thing. Radio show interview too. It builds.******************************


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Well impressed by 'We Spend...' Heard it on Lammo's show tonight. How on earth does a fellow get this e.p. on CD? Do I have to hope they are stocking it in Piccadilly Records (probably will, they're ace) or can I order by post?
    Brom, the computer illiterate old punk, Lowton.

  2. 'ello Brom. Just send click the link on the right of the page here - where it says 'or order an old-fashioned CD. If yer having problems with that then just drop us a line at contactbombfactory@hotmail.com and we'll sort you out. Spread the word my friend!



  3. Anonymous8:16 pm

    'ello Jack. The link magically appeared the next day! Ordered accordingly yesterday and have spread the word on my facebook page. Looking forward to the arrival of my CD. If it's late, though, that's cool: I'm supporting the brothers in the Royal Mail! Take it easy fellas. Brom.