14 June 2009

Then there was a gig...

To cap things off nicely, we had a gig to play on Saturday night.

On first at The Portland, Cambridge, we turned on our best gig in ages. The hours of graft in the studio have clearly paid off. Dave's amp gave up the ghost before soundcheck but Four Dead in Ohio generously made one spare. Really brutally loud, tight gig. Surprising, as we were all in some serious need of sleep.

Here's the set:

Idiot Box
We Spend the Money we Make
The Ballad of Donald Joyce
Little Miss Hitler
God Loves Us and He Hates You

Four Dead in Ohio and Pulled Apart By Horses were excellent. The latter were really sharp n' shouty -rarely has the backroom seen such leaping about. Four Dead..made good use of their many effects pedals. A bit more restrained, but was a decent set - shame only about eight people saw them.

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