24 April 2009

No dead music anymore!

We have had enough of dead music. Enough of people trampling on the clean grass as they tread the well-worn path to the graveyard.

They're like ghastly puppets made to frighten children. Limbs jerking and lips flapping obscenely as they offer up ever-poorer copies of copies of copies of what was shit in the first place.

Most gigs these days are a parody of life. Everyone shuffles in and shuffles out, while the bands go through the motions. They all know something is missing. No one - not band, not audience - knows how to make it better.

Where's the emotion? Where's the connection to something real? Where's the belief that the corpses on the stage feel what you feel? That they have something to say worth hearing?

Better to stick your fingers in the electricity socket.

'Rock music' has become the corpse that won't stay buried. Let's drive a stake through its heart and start again.

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