16 May 2008

Tiny boozers and new song action.


A new effort has been posted on our myspace page. It's a work in progress called We Spend the Money We Make...or maybe just We Spend the Money. Listen to at maximum volume.
In other news, we played in a tiny boozer in the wilds of Essex last night. I can't stress enough just how small and ye olde this place was...low beams, bit of brass up on the wall, that kind of thing. We set up in a cramped corner and thrashed through nine songs. The punters loved it and we had a great time - it's easily up there among our favourite gigs.It's always the more random ones which turn out the best. St Anne's Castle, we salute you.

Our set was...

New one (hasn't got a name yet)
Shoot to Kill
We Spend the Money We Make
Idiot Box
Pop Sluts
Little Miss Hitler
Stevie Smith: Teenage Terrorist
We are the Locusts
God Loves Us and He Hates You
***End amid a massive wall of feedback***

Good times!

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