15 April 2008

New review

From Organ magazine:

"We're just going to tell you about the very very best once a week, no more time for the average, only the most exciting - we're very very selective, when we tell you it's good then it really is goooooooood.
DEMO OF THE WEEK BOMB FACTORY positively angry band rebelling against whatever you have for them to rebel against – boredom, bosses, TV remote controls, the power tripping Police death squads, Pot Noodle, Ford Cortinas, household pets... A refusal to sit back and just accept defeat on the sofa watching twenty four hour television or drinking crap larger at the bar to forget. Walk don’t run - angry, wired, stressed out agit punk rock tension and bluster and why accept what they throw at you? Here’s a chord, here’s another, your guitar is your weapon, get off your arse, step away from that TV, stop consuming, form a band (or start a zine, or put a gig on or...) – urgent wired angry punk rock from somewhere in England www.myspace.com/burncambridgeburn "


In other news, a gig is on the horizon in France. Come on!

Preparation continues for the album.

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