7 May 2007

Let's Get Ready to Rumble (Strips).

Brixton Windmill.
Last night.
w/ The Rumble Strips, Winners, Furthest Drive Home, GME, Broken Tapes.

Free barbecue! A massive crowd! Bands getting paid! Excellent between-band DJing!
Dogs on the roof!

At last, a gig which washes away the rancid aftertaste of playing the shit stained streets of Cambridge.

We went on third and sweated our way through 10 tuuuunes. Debuts for the two new ones; Diet Coke and Toilet Roll and Happy New Year. We didn't cock them up.

Find of the evening were the excellent Broken Tapes who blitzed through five songs of At The Drive-In style noise. Hopefully, we'll be playing with these guys down in sunny Croydon in a couple of weeks.

Great night. Makes it all worthwhile guv'nor, know what I mean, like?

Not Mills.

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