18 September 2006


Oh fucking dear.
Man on the Moon. My two penneth.
Cheers to everyone who came down on Saturday. We hadn't soundchecked or practiced during the week.....ooooh, how very saucy of us. Anyway, the end result was a particularly trashy set which was played at exciting high speeds. I almost vomited during Shoot to Kill thanks to the sauna like conditions. Kind of wish I had...the pre gig Burger King Chicken Royale would have made for such vibrant colours. We all enjoyed ourselves...but then again, we always do...well, apart from the gig to nobody in Felixstowe. But we don't talk about that any more. Such pain.
The out of towners (Electricity Comes From Other Planets and Rosalita) were excellent and worthy of loud applause. Good turnout and we even got paid 15 pound coins. COME ON!
Next gig is at the Portland with Johnny Panic. Come ye.
That pic by the way was found randomly on the internet. He is called Peter. He likes drums.
Happy Easter,

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