25 July 2006

New shit

Ah, my little ones, it's been a long time.

I return with news that after months of agonising, abject failure and swearing at each other in a grumpy way we have finally produced some new songs. Not one but two of the juicy little fuckers. Mmmmmm, but they are succulent. Yes, and so very, very shiny.

They have the working titles Static Chatter - played for the first time at an otherwise forgettable gig in a pub backroom last month - and Barcode which emerged like a killer butterfly from a chrysalis at practice last night.

I might call them something else though. Maybe Idiot Box and Discount Coffin. Maybe Baboon Blender Freakout Episode III. Dunno.

Happy days... How are you anyway? Did you ever sort out that problem with the weasels and the hunt sabs in your water tank?


  1. Is that David Bowie fighting the weasel/stoat creatures?

  2. Alan Fleck5:37 pm

    Yes. Yes it is.