14 March 2006

Skull Smash Fever.

Earlier tonight we played our latest gig. It was a night 0f high drama. It started for me with my automobile falling sick on me so I called on Ron the bassist for a ride down to The Graduate, , where we were booked to bring noise. There we were loading drums into the back of his early 90's wagon. Space was tight and we needed a couple of goes to shut the boot. I thought I could create a little extra space but as I did, Ron brought the door crashing down on my skull. I was sent spinning out into the street in a mess of crushing pain in what was the most ridiculous accident of 2006 so far. Finally, we were on the road. Drums were locked down and I had a vast lump on my head. A couple of other bands played before us; they were good from what I can recall. We then went on but what happened is lost in a giddy haze of pain and £1 pints. I was drunk, swollen and trying to confront the always surreal experience of playing music to a crowd of paying people. The snippets I can think about are Jack shouting and Mills doing what we always knew he could....throwing his guitar hard into the floor. For some reason I kept hitting his strings with a drumstick in between songs and then decided to bend my hi-hat stand into a right angle.

My memory of Ron is him pummelling my skull with the boot lid of his car. The nightmares and the scars will live with me forever.

I returned home in agony and slumped on the sofa for several weary hours, watching Drugstore Cowboy and Nascar racing.

I hope the others will post here and fill the gaps.


David the Third.


Yes, I'll add something. I'll say this set was fucking blinding, mate. As Dave dug deep and powered through the drum lines in a lather of confusion we somehow turned out the performance of the year so far. Highlights for me were set opener Burn, Cambridge, Burn, my constant favourite Shoot to Kill and good old God LOves Us and He Hates You. Mainly because of the looks on people's faces as I crawled ranting and growling at them and because it ended in the total destruction of all the instruments and a raoring wave of feedback which covered everything and everyone for about five minutes after we'd left the stage.
Glorious chaos.



  1. "Crawled ranting and growling at them"??

    I have to get to one of your gigs at some point...
    fucking nutters

  2. Where is there to play around your way, Silus?