17 March 2006

Acoustic Gig Goes Well Shocker.

Was there any doubt!!! Last night can only be described as a glorious success. The set actually worked, there were no major balls ups and weirdly....the audience of acoustic music fans, all of which were reclined on various cushions, roared with approval after each 'number'. An unexpectedly large amount of Bomb Factory CDs were also snapped up post-performance. More customers found then. *High fives unknown passer-by*

Our wooden music set: Adman (ye olde song brought back to life
especially); Burn, Cambridge Burn; Pop Sluts; Stevie Smith: Teenage Terrorist;
Death At The Hairdressers; Blow It Up...; God Loves Us And He Hates You. (We ended this the traditional way - by forcing dirty feedback wailing from our battered gear).

First time I'd been to . There's a pricey eatery thing going on upstairs but downstairs lies the cellar for these low key gigs. Three singer-songwriters took to the stage before us -I think our favourite was who came from Coventry to dish out some tunes using a refreshingly English accent.
We may do another acoustic gig sometime; it was a good laugh and the songs do still manage to sound quite brutal. Jack's screaming may have something to do with this. However, our love of ear destroying noise will always mean the electric instument snapping set will be our first love. We have no desire to rebrand ourselves Folk Factory. If we ever do, you have permission to glass our faces.

THE ACOUSTIC NOISE: Press Play to hear the entire 22 minute "Stripped-Down" set...

[If the stream doesn't work, try clicking here.]


  1. Juliette8:08 pm

    brilliant last night. so glad to have been there. whole new clarity to the poetry, delicacy to the no-nonsense bass&geetar. fan-bloody-tastic. damn my dial-up for being too slow to relive the moment.

  2. Jaywalker9:35 pm

    Wahey - just heard the whole set off your stream. Brilliant stuff.

    "God Loves Us And He Hates You" was immense!vgea