2 January 2006

I'm wide awake....hence this ramble

Livestock picture of the week.

So, here we are then...2006. I wonder what lies in store? We went into last year wanting to do more gigs, play to bigger crowds, record a decent demo, spread the word of Bomb Factory further than ever before and most importantly, to continue to have fun along the way (something far too many bands seem to forget).
It all went to plan - the first London gigs were chalked up, we doubled our amount of shows, new audiences were found and we finally recorded a demo we liked (4th time lucky). Plenty of good times were had with Bomb Factory in 2005, a year which was nicely rounded off with a decent thrashing in The Haymakers in Cambridge.
So, this year is all about pushing things further again, to record new songs and keep playing bigger and better places. It will either be a glorious success or leave us in the depths of heroin addiction. Should be interesting.


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