13 January 2006

Downloads, Badgers, Gigs

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Dear Cambridge La La La compilation is now available for free download, courtesy of Big Badger Recording Co. This fantastically-named offshoot of REPEAT Records can be found at www.bigbadgerrecordingco.co.uk

We have a couple of other gigs lined up, one at The Rhythm Factory in London and another at CB2 in Cambridge. The CB2 gig is going to be an acoustic set; quite why is a mystery. Check the details on our myspace page (link to the right). Come and witness.

In practice last week, we had a three hour argument and only managed to play one song. Last night, things were better - we played the whole set and then worked on a new 'number'. Results were interesting - it's our first forray into the world of backing vocals. Plus, Mills has gone a bit mental with effects pedals. Jack has a name for this new song but I doubt anyone gives a shit. If you do, send an email. Surprise me you bastards.

Have a great weekend.

Stephanie the news slapper.

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