12 December 2005

R*E*P*E*A*T after me....etc etc

Dear sir/madam,

The new issue of REPEAT fanzine is now out. On the front, you'll find a free copy of the deeply pornographic Dear Cambridge, LA LA LA CD. Tracks from Bomb Factory, Cosy Cosy, The Furious Sleep, Princess Drive, highly offensive Victorian artwork and a nice sticker - all could be yours.

Inside the magazine is a ton of words and pictures - including interviews with all of the above.

The word from REPEAT:

"Issue 23 available now!
128 pages!
Free 4 track CD!
£2 and A4 £1.14 sae from the usual address, or £3.50 inclusive by Paypal.

Stuff on Bloc Party, Babyshambles, Bomb Factory, CosyCosy, The Duke Spirit, The Furious Sleep, Hard-Fi, Idlewild, JJ72, The Levellers, Miss Black America, The Paddingtons, Performance, Pilots of the Sixth, Princess Drive, Quit Your Day Job, The Subways, Toasted Heretic, Towers of London, Volunteers and quite a bit more..."

For further details, take a walk to:

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