15 September 2005

Tonight, tonight

Tonight's the night then. The night we bring the noise once more to the sedate streets of Cambridge. The night we try once again to express the simmering rage and bordeom beneath the faded glamour of the university's medieval shopfront.
It's like living in the Past Times store with the here and the now and the vital and new suffocated under plastic reproductions of the yesteryear's glories.
Fucking wake up and look around. Breath in and out and actually see for once. See if it doesn't make you furious.
If it does then come and join us. We'll be on stage and thrashing the life out of a brief and beautiful set about 8 o'clock I reckon. Lovely.

Then after all that there will be a set from the bludgening yet mutlilayered brilliance of The Furious Sleep and the Colonel Bastard boys will launch their new album and launch you into bliss.

Do it.

Ranting Jack.

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