19 June 2005

London. England.

Last night we rocked London's Troubadour club for a private Birthday bash.
Ian, the soundman, did us proud, the noise rammed through the PA was the best we've had yet. Thank you Sir, you are a gent.
We also played a punk "Happy Birthday" to our host Victoria. One hundred thank you's for a great night, we hope you enjoyed yourself.
The club itself is an amazing venue, the hand dryers in the "multi-sex" toilets were like jet engines, you could feel the skin on your hands start to spin and actually hurt.
In true Rock and Roll fashion, we were put up in a hotel, our rooms had a stove top AND microwave action!!! We hastily nipped over the road to the Kensington branch of Tesco eXXXtra and picked ourselves up a couple of microwave pasta bakes. Top Scran!
We're looking forward to Saturday's Cambridge gig. Should be good stuff.

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