27 June 2005

"Let's end this shit".

David here...couldn't remember my password. Read on for ramblings about Saturday's rockfest at the Man on the Moon.
Dan had come all the way from York to stand in for Ron who was in the very heart of Italy - he's probably by now in a back of the bus with three minis.
The sub entered Cambridgeshire with a smashed up face (that's what happens to southerners who venture beyond Peterborough y'see) and interestingly, eye liner, black nail polish and some bizarre arm decorations. He had immediately out done us in the 'stage wear' stakes.
After learning on the bass parts in a frantic two hour practice the night before, he was ready to bring the noise. And he did.
Jack screamed away in people's faces and Mills ripped out some jagged 'shit' on the 'axe'. Next time, he promises to do this literally. Yep, dirty protest music is the way forward. Wasn't impressed by the bollocks drumming on my part, but then again, I never am.
Watched Raw Deal in a haze afterwards. At the risk of ruining the plot for those who haven't seen it, Arnie shoots some 'dudes' up with The Biggest Machine Gun In The World and then saves a cripple. Makes The Wraith look feasible.

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