25 November 2005

Ramblings for a Friday afternoon.

So, last night we headed to our trusty, but ice cold, practice bunker. The plan at the moment is to work on some new songs to keep the set nice and varied. This seemed to go out of the window when we attempted to resurect our 2003 Christmas song Santa is a C**t. After two hours of hammering away at our crumpled gear we realised something...you can't polish a turd. Another song bites the dust. It won't be missed.
Still, we thought some old lyrics to a song called This is the Sound (on the lyrics page if anyone cares) had potential. The music we had down to it though was a bit like a bad cut n' shut job - two different parts really poorly welded together.
We had another crack at writing a tune by basing it around some 'riffs' which had been stored in Mills' Anglo-Italian brain for some time. To our surprise, progess was quick - we have the makings of another 'number' which we're actually pleased with. Oh, what joy.
Anyway, we've got some gigs to look forward to again...Cambridge n' London will be getting a bit more of us in the next few weeks. Awooga!

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