12 November 2005

Dear Cambridge, La La La. YESSSS!!!!!

Now, this was a gig that will take some serious beating. Dear Cambridge, La La La was given the launch it deserved…..a monster of a night in the depths of Cambridge! More than 100 people rammed Cellar Bar and they were treated to some hard rocking of the very highest order.
The Furious Sleep, CosyCosy and Princess Drive delivered with some absolutely storming sets, and, may I dare say so myself, I reckon we put on a decent showing too – we certainly were sweating like diseased animals by the end of it.

Some of the many highlights:

Princess Drive and Jack combining to do an impromptu rendition of ye olde Bomb Factory song I Went Into The Boardroom. This was surreal – I didn’t think anyone even had that demo!
The Furious Sleep scissor-kicking their way into an orgy of sound. Tofu Escape Clause is a song capable of destroying entire housing estates.
CosyCosy whipping up the crowd into a full scale danceathon. Effortless pop punk.
The massive and enthusiastic crowd – yes, people do go to gigs in Cambridge!!!
Never Mind the Bollocks and choice cuts of early Idlewild in between bands.
Breaking even – we will eat tonight!

What a night. Remember, if you missed out on being there, you can still get your hands on a free CD. Email contactbombfactory@hotmail.com with your address and you’ll get a slice of the action. Oh yeah.

The promotional assault ain’t over yet….keep your eyes peeled!!!


P.S Thanks to The Furious Sleep, CosyCosy, Princess Drive, Jay the soundman, Cellar Bar 8, Rosey, Rachel, and everyone else who made the night happen.

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