25 August 2005


After driving through endless woodland, we finally arrived in Banham to find the place deserted. The streets of this village were empty, even the zoo looked a bit quiet. Where was everyone? Fortunately for us, they were all at The Banham Barrel, along with a 20-strong gang of bikers who all wore matching black jackets. This place wasn’t the predicted dingy, olde worlde pub either – it was a huge bar with a roomy stage. Walls were painted in gleaming white and a soundtrack of Nirvana and Bowie was played to keep punters happy. This looked promising.
Seconds into soundchecking we realised something – we were unfeasibly loud thanks to a combination of those lovely dazzling brick walls and a beefy PA. COME ON!
We were due on at 10pm. Support band Polariss had been given a decent reception from the masses with some arty indie which interestingly contained sax breaks and a violin. But how would the throng like a bit of completely unrehearsed shouted punk poetry/wall of sound? We prepared ourselves to be slashed up in a hail of pint glasses.
So, the time came and the noise was brought. We drove out small children and some of the bikers, but the majority stayed on. The drums collapsed for every song, blood was spilt, sweat poured, Jack wandered through the crowd while screaming out his rants. Mills meanwhile dished out added ear bleeding noise while Ron pounded people’s faces with relentless hot shit from the bass. By the end it couldn’t have been looser but it was the most fun we’ve had at a gig for ages. Cheers for everyone who got what we were trying to do and came over afterwards for a chat, cheers to Tom for putting us on and cheers to the Banham Barrel for being the most face rocking bar in Norfolk.

*The high quality pic was taken by Mills during the building of the kit pre gig. Little did I know, I would have to repeat this nine times during the set.

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